1. 8.29.13 Joshua deLorimier

  2. I got minim to work today…..audio reactive motion coming soon.¬†

    8.28.13 Joshua deLorimier

  3. 8.27.13 Joshua deLorimier 

  4. I fill like shit today so I practiced drawing in processing


  5. Finally figured out for statements today///8.24.13 Joshua deLorimier

  6. processing sketch 8.24.13 Joshua deLorimier

  7. first steps in processing today made this….will try to post something everyday!

  8. 7-12-13 Joshua deLorimier

  9. trashtrashvisuals:

    TrashTrash - Made in Hong Kong by Vennesz from TRASHTRASH on Vimeo.

    An visualization I made in Unity 3d and Vdmx with Quartz Composer custom FX put on top. The whole piece is in real time. For work or collab email me at Josh@gigabuilder.com. Thanks for watching!

  10. 5.14.13 Joshua deLorimier